Tuesday, October 27, 2009


as Márton said about posting Hello No. 4. sooner than planned, I am posting no. 2 out of 3 of the minimalist asemic poemic strips. well, actually I thought about posting no. 3 today as well, but I've decided to wait a moment.

I am thinking of what Satu said about the possibility of using pwoermds in poemics, this could be really great!


  1. Very nice piece, Piotr! I like a lot its flimsy motion (which is not unmethodical). An open series for me, even if technically it has an ending.

    I also have an old (textual) sequence with waves, which I'd like to show you - perhaps tomorrow.

    My earliest "Hello" is a pwoermd, and a "poemical" one, I guess. It might be published in a small book soon, so I should wait a bit with publishing it here. I look very much foreward to seeing here works in that genre by you, Satu and others.

  2. I like this minimalism which let the mind free to
    dream / think.