Monday, April 12, 2010

asemic stories - work in progress

this has both asemic writing and abstract comics in it and I begin to forget the difference between them...
click the image to view some pages


  1. it's beautiful!

    I guess poemics can be found here right when the difference is forgotten.

    and the plans (200+ pages) sound great!

  2. It's breathtakingly beautiful. I don't think I can explain it fully, but something happened on (as marked) p. 28 that really took my breath away. It was a transformation of the glyphs that nonetheless stayed within the emergent protocol of the book.

    I like how you get to a sense of asemic writing through (for lack of a better description) a sort of cropping. And yes, in the several pages, the shapes of the negative space suggest panels in an abstract comic more than the ascending and descending limits of letters.

    BUT, I never lose that sense of asemic writing or that the guiding image is the shape of text on a page. So what happens when abstract comics and asemic writing run together in this way is that you give me a greater sense of their commonality. And I like that!

    I think all this poemics/abstract comics/asemic writing/visual poetry work needs to ultimately blur and bleed. I don't think it is accidental that there is so much crossover between artists doing work in these "genres" (is that the right word even?).

    Anyway, I hope the terms give us productive direction rather than function as boundary or guarded territory.

  3. thanks for your comments & good to have your voice back in circulation. the more I delve into asemic writing and abstract comics the closer they get - in fact they may even share the same root and produce different branches.