Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PI: The Art of Appropriation

Someone once said (or wrote) that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  Teaching from ancient times to today often involves some exercise of copying, of imitation.  Call that performative pedagogy: learning by doing, understanding someone by trying on their style.  So, what would it be like to make poemics in the style of someone else?

Since poemics is a hybrid art, your imitation might pull from a noteworthy poet or comics artist (An Emily Dickenson poemic or a Carmen Infantino poemic, etc.).  Or, if you are really daring, what would it mean to try doing someone's poemics style from this website or from others who do poemics?  

Remember to post your work and somehow mark that it is following the PI prompt.  Feel free to note who you are imitating or leave it up to us to guess. Fun either way, I think.  Also, feel free to accompany the work with any commentary about what you learned from the exercise of imitation.

Finally, please enter this exercise with a kind heart and a willingness to explore.  Developing a distinctive and personal "voice" or "style" is somewhat central to poetry, comics, and poemics. This PI is not intended as an exercise in critique through parody or ripping someone off. 

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