Wednesday, June 2, 2010

minimalistic social poemics

well, it's in Polish, but check out the structure, at least :)


  1. wonderful! there are so many ideas/ visual strategies here. are you going to put it into a physical book? with a translation? does it matter than I can't read the text? there is a lot of work here!

  2. wow, thank you so much for the comment! I am planning to print it (I've already begun, but it turned out to be too complicated for the computer :) ). but yes, I will print it (from the file on scribd, so anyone can print it - it was planned for A5 paper). and the last two pages are the covers.

    perhaps it's better when one concentrates on the graphical side of the work, it's easier to see the formal aspects this way :). but generally it's about how to reform the society (the work was inspired by drunk people outside of my window). and the MPS was supposed to be just a sketch for a bigger project (I don't know whether I'm ever going to make it), where I would like to put many pieces on one page. so it would be more concentrated. and the next one will probably be about art :)