Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1-question interview with Neide Dias de Sa

I would like to publish what I received from Neide Dias de Sa, a visual poet from Brasil. Neide took part in our anthology of poemic strips. she also participated in many important events concerning visual poetry.

Piotr - What is poetry?

Neide - First the dissociation or distinction between POETRY and POEM, which one can do was sought in a most radical way.

To this end POETRY was conceived as a problem connected with the idiom and POEM, which one can do, if experienced, in the area of language. The Language is understood to be not only the linguistic problem, that is the language spoken by a people but rather that which is visual, (cinema) or technical (mathematics). The POEM, under these conditions, is not concerned with “poetic status” as a factor of increase research, nor with linguistic experimentation but rather it purports to make it very clear that such a distinction shows unquestionably that POEM is physical and even tactile – in its graphic visuality, while POETRY is purely abstract.

The POETIC world may be endlessly discussed as well as all abstract considerations, according to the loquacity of any individual, while a POEM a visual process, may be tested collectively right from its functional capacity down to its very plasticity ,This radical position has finally transformed POEM into an object to manipulate as an instrument. And more than an instrument: its very channel.

We should not overlook the sound origin of alphabetical codification and consequently of its visual arrangement within the graphical arts.

and now a question to the readers and participants of the poemicstrip blog: how could the theory be used in poemics?

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