Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Invitation to "Treeblog"

Another performance/art group of which I am a part is sponsoring an on-line happening next week which might be of interest or inspiration to several of my poemics friends.  Follow this link to the protocol for the event.  If the event inspires poemic work for you, please post it here.  Feel free to use your own blog or other personal sites to play along, too. 

I am sharing this information because I think the protocol might inspire some good poemic work, but also because I think the event itself might draw in some new eyes to this blog.  I am the primary designer of this event, and I put it together with the explicit interest of creating some dialogue among the different on-line arts groups of which I am a part (among others).  So.  Let us greet the new year with excellent art and the forming of connections across interests and genres.  I can't think of a better tree to plant...

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