Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tibetan Playing Cards

More works here.


  1. the spiderwoman is in a philosophical mood!

    and the pattern (pink above and black on the head looks like a powerful symbol).

    so about the woman and writing behind: was it a separate project? a photo session? a poetry event? It would really make a great album, I mean using the idea of a person (perhaps the same model) and poetry in the background.

  2. The model is my wife.

    All this pictures (I used both in tibetan playing cards and poetry behind woman) I made in the same day just for fun. My wife helped me.

    The poem you can see in the background is a poem of mine (in Romanian) put down by my wife on a drapery.

  3. thanks for the info! all the best to both of you!

  4. sorry, all THESE pictures, of course. sometimes, the plural feels like being very singular.