Monday, March 5, 2012

Hoping this place is coming alive again

This was the first place where I saw a word poemics. It was at the year 2009, actually at the September 2009. After that I made my first poemics thanks to Pszren, who created this place and site! I publish that first one now here again and at same time I hope that this place is coming alive again. If somebody new wants to join in contact satu(dot)kaikkonen(at)elisanet(dot)fi


  1. you know, today a student from Gdańsk University wrote to me that she is writing her M.A. thesis about poemics and that she is searching for information. I wrote to her that the anthology of mailart poemics is getting ready, and that A. Litowczak is publishing his poemics on his blog. I guess there is a lot of potential in the field.

  2. Piotr,

    that's wonderful news!

    (And I like very much A.L's poemics!)