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ampersands and what ampersands and


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PI -- Anthropomorphism and Personification

Anthropomorphism -- the attribution of human qualities, usually to animals; a fallacy in the practice of biological science, but a mainstay of comics.  Personification -- the attribution of human qualities to pretty much anything; a fairly common figurative language device in poetry and literature.  So, coming off of Flarf and thinking of the insane popularity of Lolcats on the Internet, I thought it might be interesting to spend some time with anthropomorphic poemics.  How might poemics work with personification?

As always, if you post work in response to this PI, note that in your title. If you are just passing through and want to play, consider joining the contributors here or post a link to your work at a site of your choosing in the comments section below.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PI -- Continue Flarfing

Maybe I'm tired.  Maybe I'm busy.  Nah, truth is: I'm loving the Flarf!  So I think we should leave the PI prompt as is for another week. There are some folks out there I would LOVE to see take a stab at the flarf aesthetic/protocol.  No pressure -- PI's are always voluntary. But consider taking a spin on a search engine and seeing where it sends you.  You might be surprised what a little internet randomness combined with irreverence yields to the poetic/comic/poemic mind.

Have fun...and practice safe flarf!


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My 24 Hour Comic: "It Bleeds..."

So, I devoted my Saturday (10/2/2010) to making one of those "24 Pages in 24 Hours" comics.  My work is influenced (I think) by my exposure to poemics, so I thought I would share it here.

It Bleeds, It Won't Be Contained                                                                   

If the embed doesn't work, you can also find the comic here.  


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PI - flarf

sorry, I didn't know how to put the picture here, so I'm just posting the link:
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