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stroke - PI Sound effect

>> i've reworked the poem "Boem paukeslag" from the Flemish poet Paul van Ostaijen into a sound poemic

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PI -- Poemic Sound Effects


The pendulum of the Poemic Inquiry swings to the comics end of the hybrid for this prompt.  One dominant practice in comics is to use both words and graphic images to communicate sound effects.  This perhaps reaches its iconic (or is that kitschy?)  pinnacle in the 1960's Batman TV series, where comics style sound effects and image bursts erupted regularly in fight scenes (Bop!  Pow!  Oof!).  Of course, sound plays a pretty central role in poetry as well, from rhythm to onomatopoeia and beyond.

So, from now until the end of the month, consider exploring how poemics might use and/or subvert sound effects -- graphically, verbally, or otherwise.  If you are not a contributor to this blog (and don't want to become one), leave a link in the comments section of this post or any other post having to do with the current Poemics Inquiry.  And if you are a contributor, please put "PI" (or some other indication that you are responding to this Poemic Inquiry prompt) in the title of your post.  I will post a wrap-up compendium of our works on this topic on or about March 1.

And, as always, feel free to suggest future Poemic Inquiry topics.

(Note: if you have poemic work that you want to share here that has nothing to do with the current Poemic Inquiry topic, please share it!  The PI is just a little nudge for shared exploration of an idea.  We welcome all poemic work here.)

Love/Romance PI Wrap Up

The love/romance poemics did not disappoint!  We've picked up not only regular contributors but folks doing poemics work on their own blogs.  And that is such a good thing.  So, for ease of access, check out these poemic valentines:

  • Pszren offered great interpretations here, here, and here.
  • Bungy32 offered works here and here.
  • Sven Staelens linked to some poemics at his blog, "s ||i9n|| s."  This is clearly in the spirit of poemics on love and romance.  And this is just cool (reminder: the Xerolage project on poemics dealing with speech balloons is still accepting submissions). 
  • Nele Hannes offered this contribution over at the blog, "ZOO BAHN ==>". 
Thanks also to Rosaire Appel who's work continues to amaze.  Her work also reminds us that this blog is about sharing poemics of any kind.  The Poemic Inquiry is just a little nudge for shared inquiry into what poemics can do; if you've got work you want to share here that doesn't fit with the current inquiry, please post it!  

Thanks for the excellent work, people.  And if you are just finding us, feel free to join in!  I'll be posting the next Poemics Inquiry topic later this afternoon.

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so another one :)

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there was / this is?

this is a poemicstip?

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PI -- The Love/Romance Poemic

In posting these shared Poemic Inquiry prompts, my intent is to oscillate between emphasis on the comics end of the hybrid form and the poetry end, sometimes landing in the middle.  Given the rapidly approaching St. Valentine's Day, I thought this was an excellent opportunity to explore a theme central to both poetry and comics: romance/love.  Love has long been a theme in poetry, either as a direct evocation or as an experience to interrogate.  So too, the "romance comic" has been a staple genre of the form -- in trade paperbacks, published serial magazines, and daily strips in the newspaper.  So, from the cheesy to the cynical and all possible points between, what do you think a love/romance poemic might look like?  Be sure to title your contribution clearly as either a PI or a Love/Romance Poemic. 

I think the last PI went on for a bit too long, so for this one I will aim to do the wrap-up post on February 14th.  By or before February 14, please post your love/romance poemics here.  If you do not wish to sign on as a contributor to this blog, feel free to post a link in the comments section of this post to a site where you have uploaded work that you think might fit as a love/romance poemic. 

(Next up: a PI that focuses on the comics end of the hybrid form.  If you have suggestions for future PI prompts or suggestions for how to better run this thing, please contact me by my email in my profile.  And of course, please continue to share you other poemic work that has nothing to do with the PI prompt.)

Haiku Wrap Up

(Apologies to all.  Illness hit my house hard this week and a planned post this past Monday couldn't happen until, well, today.)

We've had a full month of making Poemic Haiku and I think our regular contributors have demonstrated remarkable depth and breadth in the form.  Although everyone was particularly good at noting their participation in the Poemic Inquiry (PI) on Haiku in the titles of their posts, I've included (internal) links below.  This first Poemic Inquiry exercise yielded no contributions from readers in the comments section.  That's understandable given the newness of PI and the growing interest in poemics. As we move forward with Poemic Inquiries, dear readers, please know that we encourage your sharing links to your own work in the comments section.  And if you want to become a contributor here, just ask.

So, for your quick linking convenience, here are the poemic haiku we generated in this month's Poemic Inquiry:

  • This first PI was inspired by my initial attempt here and the spirit of Márton Koppány's work here.
  • Pszren offered really interesting work here, here, here, and here.
  • Satu Kaikkonen created this work here.
  • I (Bungy32, a.k.a. Jonny) offered an additional haiku here.

(If I've missed anyone in this wrap-up, please contact me and I'll get you in this digest.  And if poemic haiku are still interesting to you, please continue to post them here.)

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