Friday, November 27, 2009

sm1 & sm2 (n'snowing) + sm3 (Top Secret Colon) collaboration Satu Kaikkonen & Márton Koppány

Poemics gives an good oppoturnity to colloborations, so in last week I sent some unfinished poemics to I have put these here together with


  1. wow, this is soo good!

    will it be possible to place it in the anthology?

  2. Thanks for asking, Piotr. I would be very pleased. We'll see what Satu thinks.

  3. These are so fine. I'm glad about it. And it's ok to me if you put these in antopology.

    I'm very glad about the "suprisingly" ( i don't know the real word, but..) that Marton has bring into these pieces.