Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I guess mistake was a mistake :)

hello, the Poemic Inquiry about mistakes turned out not such a big success. perhaps we should search for other options? (shorter time, better subjects), or we should look around for other inspirations or forms of presentation/activity. there was a workshop in Studio V9 in Warsaw, Poland about comics and poemics not long ago. so something is going on, which perhaps is good :). we can also look at other projects taking place in the Vispo, pwoermds and other worlds. do you have any ideas? or perhaps I'm the one keeping people away from poemics? always pushing artists into some formalist projects... let's relax, but relax the artistic way (perhaps taken from martial arts - where some tension should come together with relaxation). all the best, Piotr


  1. This has been so busy spring that I have had no time to participate... and "mistake" is very challenging subject that it needs time to think ...

    But I have noticed that peoples are very lazy to participate in any Inquirys or challenges (the same is at "the time for a vispo"...

    Soon myself have summer holidays and then I have more time to do thing for example poemics..


  2. Satu, you bring new energy and new ideas to the world of poemics! it would be great to see new project here :)