Saturday, September 26, 2009

abstract airlines

well, this is not a strip, and it has no words in it - even though poemics usually have words or at least letters in them :), and even though we concentrate on strips, at least for a moment.

this approach to poemics is a little bit different, I don't know if it's acceptable. in my oppinion these works could be seen as abstract comics, visual poetry, or both. and the "both" part could be sometimes called poemics (perhaps abstract poemics), at least when there are elements of poetry and comics present. so we have word baloons and panels from comics and parts that resemble poetry (poem structure, asemic writing).

"abstract airlines" is the first part of "bezsensu" - which in Polish means "no meaning" - well, the word "nonsens" in Polish or "nonsense" in English, but the meaning seems slightly different :). I'll try to continue the series.


  1. Well, i think that every limits are brekable in a way... and breakability is important thing that something goes on, so this what you have done is interesting...

    i think that poemics can include visual elements and asemic wrtiting and those thing made them even more interesting....

    (i'm taking now a little break because of my studies - i study music and it's sometime very difficult =), and i also want to write poems now if i have time because that has been a little in shadows because of this visul poetry side of mine...but i will read this block regulary, and also continuing poemics too after a little while...)

  2. dear Satu, it's great to meet you here! I really thought if I should publish abstract poemics here, but now I know they are understandble. I will go back to poemics with letters anyway, as I have created some lately :)

    and it's great you study music! I believe that knowledge of many arts allows an artist to choose.

  3. Hi Piotr,

    I've been trying to send you some strips for the anthology but your email address is not working. Do you have an alternate address?



  4. Dear Gary,

    could you try

    and sorry for the trouble!