Wednesday, September 16, 2009

poemics - the art between poetry and comics

one poemic, two poemics... so poemics is an art between poetry and comics. what does it mean? is there a need for such an art? well, there are many kinds of arts out there, some are really well known and make people famous, and some are only practiced by a little group, by one person or even by none. I hope poemics will have some future, and that there will be albums, exhibitions and other forms full of poemics. It would be nice to think and write a lot about the theory, but I guess it is even more important to create poemics. so let me invite you to the poemics project, let's do it!


  1. This is very interesting and inspiring: poetry / poems and comics together; poemics - when i was driving today home from my work just a few minutes ago, i was thinking this poemics mather and some ideas were awakening in my mind...thanks to you and this blog and maybe i try to to something, i let you know and i'm inspired to know more about this...

  2. This seems like an interesting idea. I have been exploring the space between poems and comics for a while now, so I am interested in where this project might go.