Friday, September 25, 2009

poemic strip anthology

wow, thing've been happening round here! we got comments, Satu began creating poemics (I've added the "links" section), Dick Whyte expressed his interest in the idea, I think it's time to gather us around a particular goal, which would be the poemic strip anthology :)

I told some of you already about the concept of publishing a small zine-type of a brochure and distributing it around (the authors would get copies and they would give it to nice and smart people around them :) . we could also promote the anthology - if it happens to be interesting - in other media or anyway we want and can). as the brochure (A5 size, and the strips should go horizontally) will be placed on the net in .pdf file, so anyone can print it out and have a copy as well.

the anthology is planned to be black-and-white, but if someone can print it in colour, it's even better. and the .pdf file can be helpful in showing the works in full colour.

the deadline is the end of december 2009. is that ok? language of the anthology: english (but if you write concrete poetry or if you use letters the way where natural language is less important - it's also fine). please send the poemics to the anthology to pszren(at)wp(dot)pl as files that can be printed. please sign every poemic (there will be no "contents" section) and include a short info about yourself. also please give me your address in the email, so that I can send you the brochure.

this is not a professional project, so don't expect too much. which doesn't mean we should keep standards low.


  1. All the poemics posted here are marvellous. The blog is a great idea and the anthology is a fantastic project. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. dear gary, it's so great to read your words! and if this anthology project turns out fine, we could think of next projects next year!