Friday, September 17, 2010

PI Fashion

This week, I thought it would be interesting to continue our inquiries with another one-word concept prompt.  How might a poemic work with "fashion"?

The fashion industry provides a rich visual and verbal lexicon to, um, "draw" from.  Treat it as vapid and shallow or treat it as an eternal human concern.  Is the runway just another kind of "strip"?  Is fashion art or commercialism, or does it reveal the way those concepts are not mutually exclusive?  Is there a mercurial sense of fashion with poemics?  Do certain poemic forms come in and out of style?  

As always, if you post work in response to this PI, note that in your title.  If you are just passing through and want to play, consider joining the contributors here or post a link to your work at a site of your choosing in the comments section below.  

Many thanks to sven staelens for this suggested topic.  If you have a potential PI prompt you'd like to suggest, send it to jmgray32(at)gmail(dot)com.  And look forward to a future PI prompt written up by sven (I think it's gonna be a good one!). 

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