Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is just an experimental...!

It take only 4meg in 16 second video for just 8 or 9 frames, maybe for poemicstrip we can reduce it just to 6 frames ( for poemicstrip spirit ) and not more than 2meg. We need  to give more colors, responds and richness or whatever words or terms to make a poemicstrip as one of our newest art or poem terminology or genre . It is just a quick respond on what Sven Staelens concern. There a lot of possibility in poemistrip that can take others as a source. ' This is just an experimental......! ' is just one of the media from a lots of medias that we can choose. ( Sorry for my english, i'm not good at it )


  1. I like it! The music/sound is also really good. I am of two minds about new media and comics:

    First, I tend to agree with some comic artists that comics are different from video/film. When we start moving to animation, we are crossing into another aesthetic. As Alan Moore says, comics are not just storyboards for film.

    On the other hand, I think one of the things that is happening to comics in the digital age is that relatively simple platforms (readers) allow for a more dynamic interaction with the comics form. It is also easier for everyday users to take advantage of simple media files to present comics in video formats (or flash animations, or gifs, etc.). In other words, the digital platform is opening up all sorts of options for comics that are not, strictly speaking, film or video.

    What I like about this piece is that it seems to be very much a "hybrid" form, carrying with it a strong comics/poemics influence and yet using technologies available to hand. And yes, it is an experimentation.

  2. I liked this. And I agree, Bungy32, with what you aid about the animation maintaining the comic strip form. Time and signs pass (parse) differently in this form.

    I had a little visual poetry book which consisted of two frames alternating back and forth -- a guy with a capital H for lungs, then a small h. I animated with a very simple morphing program and added text and breathing sounds. Here's my film: