Thursday, September 9, 2010

PI Politics

Okay, so, I've been gone for a while and it turns out poemic writers, like most artists, like a challenge...or a prompt...or an invitation.  Fair enough.  I'm back, and I am ready to spark your creative minds with questions.  Miss me?

One of the oldest traditions in both poetry and comics is commentary on politics.  So.  What would a political poemic look like?  Political cartoons work with satire and caricature.  Political poems often work with rants and irony.  Political cartoons are usually of the moment and respond immediately to current events.  Political poems usually take the longer view, since most are published long after a specific event they may be responding to.  Political cartoons usually respond to politics as politics, taking aim at specific issues and politicians.  Political poems often respond to broader issues of power, ideology and cultural values. 

Given the global and cosmopolitan mix of our participants here, you may want to accompany your poemic with a brief indication of what it responds to, especially if it is a local issue.  On the other hand, maybe an unclear reference adds to the productive ambiguity of your poemic work.  Your call.  

As in the past, feel free to share your political poemic on this blog -- be sure to put PI somewhere in the title of the post.  If you are not a member, follow pszren's invitation to become one in the post previous to this one.  Or, if you prefer, post a link to your work in the comments section below. 

Finally, I hope to be a bit more regular in posting these invitations.  In order to do so, I could use a little help.  So please, if you have ideas or kernels of ideas for future PIs, send them to me at jmgray32(at)gmail(dot)com.

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