Saturday, May 1, 2010

about comics and poemics in Lublin

during "Lublin Meeting with Comics" festival I shall have a speech "about comics and poemics". the festival will take place on May the 8th and 9th, in "Chatka Żaka" Academic Cultural Centre, Radziszewskiego street, Lublin, Poland. my short lecture is planned at 11 am on saturday the 8th.


  1. good luck with it & send us a report on how it goes!

  2. wow, it's really nice to hear such a message! I hope the organizers will make some photos, so I'll post a link here or in a separate message.

    I think that poemics now is in a position, that it can either develop or just flow and be just nice for a small group of people. I will tell the audience about our blog, I'm planning to show them the poemic strip anthology. I will try to encourage them to create their own poemics. even if we get one or maybe ten views, it would be nice :)

    perhaps we need some more projects, so that the blog could go on and on, and so that we would have "an occasion to create something" :). perhaps from time to time it's good to publish albums or an anthology - so that things keep on going.

    the poemic issue of Xerolage will perhaps be published in half a year - a year maybe. I thought of an anthology of poemic mailart (but I will have time for that next year, that is 2011). Bungy is back, so maybe we are safe about poemic inquiries - I think now it is the main series of projects.