Saturday, May 8, 2010

after the LeSzeK festival

the Lublin meetings with comics (Lubelskie Spotkania z Komiksem) is not over yet, but as my lecture (25 minutes long) was held today, I am writing the message now. I talked about comics and poemics - and "poemic strip anthology" seemed to have made the biggest impression on the viewers. I've also shown my albums, such as "abstract airlines" and "paski poemiksowe" - generally the people liked (or at least didn't show they didn't like) all of the poemics.

there were some pictures taken, if I get them, I'll post them here.

I think it was a success, the people liked it. some of them were students, but most of them were comics fans, from Lublin and elsewhere in Poland.

perhaps we should think about how to create "big things", I mean new projects that can be shown to the public :)

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