Tuesday, March 30, 2010

asemic rhymes poemics


  1. I likes these very much: maybe because their are asemic-poemics and I think they are much more interesting and fascinating in the aspect of rhymes poemic because of that too....

    I have had the same kind of ideas about the rhymes in poemics (and I have collect the icecream sticks because of that - I thought to do rhyme poemics with those stick, but well the time the time.... maybe I do =) )

    But these are super!

  2. I would very glad to see these in foffof too.


  3. dear Satu, thank you very much!

    I'm working on something bigger, and not poemics, for foffof (just a 16-page long album).

    and I'm also working on next rhymes for this PI :)

  4. Only now I discovered this rhyme theme. (I am a slow person.) Inspiring ...