Sunday, March 21, 2010

Poemic Inquiry -- Taking time to work with rhyme

First, apologies for my hiatus from this blog.  A trip away from my computer followed by a return to both an excessive amount of work and a downed computer has limited my internet participation.  There's only so much one can do with an iPhone.

Fortunately, saniismail's invitation to collaborate with "Exit" seems to have filled the gap.  And happily, our contributors here prove time and again that they can produce amazing poemic work with no prompt whatsoever. 

Since I am back (sorta), I thought I would pose another question for Poemic Inquiry.  Since our last inquiry on sound effects was more oriented toward the comics end of the hybrid form, I thought this time we could investigate a something on the poetry end.  Namely, how might poemics deal with rhyme?  Even though contemporary poetry tends to embrace free-verse and avoid rhyme, rhyming words have a rich tradition in poetry and play a central role in popular "spoken word" forms of poetry performance.  Is there such a thing as visual rhyming?  Is rhyme only a linguistic concept? 

As with past PI's, feel free to contribute your work here or link in the comments section to another site that showcases work addressing this topic. 

(Side note:  I haven't pulled together a linked compendium of the last Poemic Inquiry on sound effects yet.  Is that sort of post useful?  Or do you think the blog archive does that well enough without those compendium posts?)


  1. it's really great to see you and the next Poemic Inquiry! the rhymes sound interesting.

    about the compendium posts - I think they would be neccessary when things get more complicated. it's good to see the pattern of next PI's - just as you write about the previous one and the direction here.