Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poemic Ballade

Die Geschichte von Ritter Punkratz und Lady Godbless


  1. this is so interesting! the frames look very artistic and free (the freedom is also so present in the third picture). and the story looks quite zen-like and also somehow quite intimate. the sunlight going through the work (especially in the turned upside-down and back-to-front version) - it's such a great idea! and looks like lots of work.

  2. this looks really interesting to me too, but truth be told I often can't tell what exactly I'm looking at on the internet, which is a minus. it would be good to post more information - materials, size - to help the viewers who care about what they're looking at get a fuller sense of the work.

  3. You are right, rappel! It is 2 black calender sheets joined by stitching letters and frames with white thread. The poem can be read in different sequence and the whole thing can be looked at from front and from backside. Inspiration for the poem came out of Twitter! (Oh my English!..)

  4. thanks! now I see what it is. good combination of materials & versatility.

  5. This is super.

    You have your own style!
    Also very beautiful.