Wednesday, March 3, 2010


poems and images.... this is a 20 page booklet. click here to view it.


  1. so we have a story, the words placed in a very interesting manner, some old paintings...

    very nice! I think the poemic element comes in when the images change the message. perhaps this booklet can be seen both as illustrated poetry, as concrete poetry and pictures, as well as a poemic album.

  2. So...apparently I enlarged the viewer too much and my first trip through the book just had the pictures. I thought I saw manipulations, but I kept thinking, "Man, this is subtle!"

    Then I realized I was missing half the, um, story. I backed up and went through the book again. I really like the opening paragraph where you situate us in time and space and explain suggestively the impetus for the book. I like the more ambiguous (suitable to poemics) language that follows, but I really like having a way to "anchor" the poetry of image(s) and word(s). The words and images definitely affect each other, but knowing that these are lesser known (quality?) works putting up with humiliation to be in the Met affects both the words and images in the book.

    Nice example of ekphrasis, this (description, usually poetic, of visual art). I've seen and worked with ekphrastic poetry before. I don't know why it never occurred to me that poemics would be particularly good at this form/subgenre of poetry.

  3. perhaps it would be interesting to make a Poemic Inquiery with ekphrasis? a work (a poemic strip or a whole page), where a drawing placed in one panel would be described in the next panel?

    (and then the work from the second panel could be described by a work in the next panel, and so on...)

  4. good to hear your responses to Was At, and thanks. but I must say the word 'ekphrasis' has always been problematic for me. sure I look up the definition, I can know what is meant by it, but it doesn't sink in deep it stays on the surface, the word remains formal, academic, distant and above all humorless. I wouldn't want to play with it.