Monday, January 11, 2010

Haiku -- Mountain/Fountain (PI)

Potentially a pwoermd.  


  1. A "pwoermd" is defined as....? Thanks in advance for educating the uninitiated.

  2. Sorry, Phyllis. It's new to me, too, and I struggle. Basically, it is a one word poem ("pwoermd" is a mash-up of "poem" and "word"). So, you play with the typeface, font, spacing, etc. of one word and in the process create a VERY short poem. I don't think my poemic here is a pwoermd yet (because I repeat the word), but with a little tweaking, it might operate within that logic.

    Not too much out there on the interwebs about pwoermds yet (it's a neologism usually attributed to Geof Huth), but here's some links I found useful:

  3. I like this one: I always like when there's a change to use pwoermds... and mix things together...