Saturday, February 13, 2010

PI -- The Next Level


  1. this is a very good one.

    similar to what I've wrote about the work of rappel - I think this is an exapmle of a fine poemics, and could be used to show what we mean by the term.

    it would be great to see a series of these, about many different issues.

  2. it's a nice example indeed. i like it:
    the poet's pessimistic view within the warm and promising red of the comic.

    i've put a couple of my interpretations of the PI on my blog:

  3. Thanks for the great feedback, guys. And that's some great work at your blog, Sven! (Did I see some dialogue balloon work in there? Do you know about our Xerolage project?)

    I return frequently to my recent discovery of "pwoermds." Seems like the comics panel frame and progression are great tools for to playing with a one word poem.