Saturday, January 30, 2010

xerolage, poemics, speech balloons

we have an opportunity to publish poemics in Xerolage.

as mIEKAL aND wrote to me, the collection should work as a whole, so I suggest we could use speech balloons as a main form in these poemics.

speech balloons were already used in some poemics, I think that they make a great opportunity of bringing elements of poetry and comics together. the balloons can be transformed or experimented on, and they can tell us about many ideas. text, pwoermd, letter vispos, asemic writing and many other things can be used in speech balloons. photography, drawings, computer graphics and many more techniques also are welcome, as long as the speech balloon element is present :). I hope these suggestions are not too restrictive, and I hope that we will create something interesting, that the readers will like it.

all the contributors to our blog are invited. I don't know how many people would be interested, so I think it would be best if each author creates about 5 or 7 pieces. when there are too many, the rest can be published on our blog or elsewhere (if you suggest which ones should be chosen first, please include such information).

size: 8.5 x 11 inches.
form to be used: speech balloons.
colours: black and white
deadline: end of February.
also needed: a photo and a short bio of each of the authors.
email: pszren(at)wp(dot)pl

so please send the works and the photo as attachments, and the bio in the email.


  1. Some questions:

    Are the speech baloons the strips or can the speech balloons be in the strips? ( I sent You some mail about that.)

    And then is 8.5 inches the heigness or the lenghtness?

  2. I think now we can do something completely different than strips (unless for example five strips are on one page). we should think about a single page (8.5 is the width, 11 is the height), and how to compose the speech baloons on it. but we can experiment, Xerolage is really open for that.