Friday, January 1, 2010

poemics projects for this year

hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I thought it might be a good time to make some plans. what do you think we should do in the field of poemics?

I mean it's best when we simply create new poemics and publish them (on this blog and elsewhere), but perhaps you have ideas of some new projects?

I've gathered all the pieces for the poemic strip anthology, I hope you will like it. I will try to print the anthology this Monday, and send it to you and put it on scribd. the people from Tektura club are working on organizing our exhibition.

it might be considered a next poemics project, well, even if it's going to be small, I just thought I might give it a try: so I've started a poemics mailart project on the blog but our blog is the basis, that mailart blog is just another way of letting people know about poemics.

what do you think about these things? and what ideas do you have? can you organize some projects?

well, I thought that we might start creating poemics with more panels, or even projects that are many pages long, and where on every page there are lots of panels :).

all the best to you!


  1. Earlier this year I was impressed with the collaboration between Satu Kaikkonen and Marton Koppany. I wonder if we might explore more collaborations.

    There are many ways to do this. One is to explore particular "memes" or "challenges" together. This could be something as simple as the typical one word art-prompt, or something more interesting like a question or problematic.

    Poemics raise lots of interesting questions for me -- some I wouldn't mind seeing other artist/poets respond to with their work. So, for example: What might traditional forms of poetry (e.g. haiku, sonnet, sestina, etc.) look like as poemics? Conversely, how might a poemic treat traditional comics subject matter (e.g. superhero, zanies, anthropomorphic, confessional, etc.). How might particular concepts from poetry and comic arts (e.g. perspective, meter, tropes, etc.) be the focus of particular poemic works? Seeing several of us offer work that responds to these or other questions might lead somewhere interesting.

    Finally, I wouldn't mind playing some artists/writers "games," too, if that doesn't seem too silly. I wonder if we might develop a protocol for an on-line, poemic form of the the Dadaist game, "The Exquisite Corpse." Similarly, I wonder if we might explore a Burrough's "cut up" protocol with each other's work.

    So...a few ideas for the new year. Good luck with the printing and processing, Piotr. I can't wait to see how it all turns out...

  2. I also wish a happy and healthy 2010 to every contributors! And I'm looking forward very much to seeing the anthology.

    New games, forms of collaboration could be inspiring. Yes, let's start something new...

  3. Well,

    happy new year to everybody! And i'm very curious to see what this year brings...

    The colloborations have been to me the most inspiring thing in poemics and I think that the best works of mine in poemics and in visual poetry are those colloborations with Marton Koppany. It's very fascinating and awsome to work together because it opens the way to new ideas...

    That idea about mailart poemics sounds also interesting and i'm in if that's possibly...

    I'm also waiting for the antopogy and it's fine to see the results...

  4. thank you all for your opinions, it's great to read such things.

    Bungy - I see you have some really cool ideas, would you lead some projects? I'm making you an administrator, so please feel free to invite new people to the blog.