Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the opening of the exhibition

apple juice and salt sticks were served, but it was not the only reason that made it worth visiting the eshibition's opening. people (I've counted 18, but perhaps there were more), really commented on the works, they asked questions and looked at the strips carefully. they liked them, the opinions were that the exhibition is interesting, or even very interesting!

first Michał Wolny (who was the main organizer of the exhibition) talked about poemics and introduced me. then I talked about our blog, about the anthology and about each of the authors of the strips. it lasted for a short time, and then I invited the people to come closer to the strips - and they did, we've all talked about the strips for a long time. it was really interesting, and the people were interested.

there are many projects planned to take place in Tektura during next three weeks, so there are big chances that more people will see our exhibition, too. I've left there over 300 leaflets with a link to our blog, so perhaps some of the visitors of Tektura will also visit this site.


  1. Great News. Thanks for sharing the pics. Looks good.

  2. Awsome Pjotr! Thank You very much to You! Wau!