Friday, February 5, 2010

PI -- The Love/Romance Poemic

In posting these shared Poemic Inquiry prompts, my intent is to oscillate between emphasis on the comics end of the hybrid form and the poetry end, sometimes landing in the middle.  Given the rapidly approaching St. Valentine's Day, I thought this was an excellent opportunity to explore a theme central to both poetry and comics: romance/love.  Love has long been a theme in poetry, either as a direct evocation or as an experience to interrogate.  So too, the "romance comic" has been a staple genre of the form -- in trade paperbacks, published serial magazines, and daily strips in the newspaper.  So, from the cheesy to the cynical and all possible points between, what do you think a love/romance poemic might look like?  Be sure to title your contribution clearly as either a PI or a Love/Romance Poemic. 

I think the last PI went on for a bit too long, so for this one I will aim to do the wrap-up post on February 14th.  By or before February 14, please post your love/romance poemics here.  If you do not wish to sign on as a contributor to this blog, feel free to post a link in the comments section of this post to a site where you have uploaded work that you think might fit as a love/romance poemic. 

(Next up: a PI that focuses on the comics end of the hybrid form.  If you have suggestions for future PI prompts or suggestions for how to better run this thing, please contact me by my email in my profile.  And of course, please continue to share you other poemic work that has nothing to do with the PI prompt.)

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