Friday, February 19, 2010

stroke - PI Sound effect

>> i've reworked the poem "Boem paukeslag" from the Flemish poet Paul van Ostaijen into a sound poemic


  1. this is very interesting. the sound effects put in different panels, it tells a story and is a notation of music at the same time!

    and welcome to the blog!

  2. I really like what happens to the "empty" panels -- how they seem to communicate silence and its duration between sounds. Very John Cage, that: silence is a sound.

    The spacing in the first panel is also quite interesting. For lack of better words, it adds shape to the sound (and I don't just mean graphically).

  3. thanks guys!

    i tried to keep in mind that the original poem was a reflection on WW I.

    silence is indeed a sound we often tend to forget.