Saturday, February 20, 2010

PI (poemic sound effects) der Krimi III und das Spielen

der Krimi III

das Spielen


  1. These are really cool. I like the collage feel, especially in the first one. I think there are lots of interesting sound effects in here, but the exclamation points in the second one is (are?) my favorite. Why is that? I'm still trying to articulate the reason to myself. I think because it visually communicates a sound, but not one I can "read" or recreate in quite the same way that I can "shh" or "bang." And that sort of paradox ("purely" visual sound) seems to me to be a central concern of (some) poemics.

  2. lots of energy in these! I was also looking for exclamation points, but I also found lots of sound effects in words and even letters. "das Spielen is very nice, first I thought it's only funny, but I've discovered it's also deeply serious.