Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love/Romance PI Wrap Up

The love/romance poemics did not disappoint!  We've picked up not only regular contributors but folks doing poemics work on their own blogs.  And that is such a good thing.  So, for ease of access, check out these poemic valentines:

  • Pszren offered great interpretations here, here, and here.
  • Bungy32 offered works here and here.
  • Sven Staelens linked to some poemics at his blog, "s ||i9n|| s."  This is clearly in the spirit of poemics on love and romance.  And this is just cool (reminder: the Xerolage project on poemics dealing with speech balloons is still accepting submissions). 
  • Nele Hannes offered this contribution over at the blog, "ZOO BAHN ==>". 
Thanks also to Rosaire Appel who's work continues to amaze.  Her work also reminds us that this blog is about sharing poemics of any kind.  The Poemic Inquiry is just a little nudge for shared inquiry into what poemics can do; if you've got work you want to share here that doesn't fit with the current inquiry, please post it!  

Thanks for the excellent work, people.  And if you are just finding us, feel free to join in!  I'll be posting the next Poemics Inquiry topic later this afternoon.

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