Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hello No. 2

This is the earliest image of a loose sequence whose continuation was already posted here a few weeks ago. It may become part of a book project, but I'd like to put it into the context of our more recent messages as well.


  1. I like this by itself, but I also like it in sequence with the other Hellos you posted in October. The two figures at the top are really interesting to me -- almost a contemplation on negative space. I am also really intrigued by a motif in poemics of resituating the dialogue balloon. Just as its content asks us to reconsider the image/meaning of punctuation, the dialogue balloon reads differently to me when it is in an unconventional relationship to the figures who might otherwise be represented as speaking.

    Side note: I am often intrigued by how a post interacts with the surrounding material on a web page. The figures in this piece interestingly echo the "Followers" to the left who have no profile pic.