Saturday, December 12, 2009

ms1-3; Within a Word; a new collaboration by Satu Kaikkonen and Márton Koppány

This time I only delivered a "puzzle" in the form of a sequence of sketchy frameworks. And I'm thrilled by Satu's reaction. Her sequence, wich arrived the same day, is a breathtaking "solution" - and something much more.


  1. I was very happy about these three poemicstrip frames that Marton sent to me. They were very challenging and inspiring. Words "within" and "without" and number 2 as a mirrow image woked up these ideas that is seen here and it's so awsome to see all three strips here below each other.

    This kind of working together is very inspiring and the results are surprising. When you are working alone you easily stick to an old patterns but working together gives much more opportunities.

    So than you Marton!

  2. I especially like the layering within the frames, Satu and Marton. Really reinforces the "within" and "without"concept. What a pleasure to see first thing this morning!


  3. What a Sunday morning joy! I am fascinated by the web/network image that weaves through all three frames. I also like trying to tease out the collaboration. I can't -- the work is nicely "curdled" -- but I still find "dialogue" (or even "puzzle and solution") an interesting interpretive frame for reading the poemic.

    Beautiful work.

  4. Dear All,
    Thank you so much for your kind reactions! Satu surprised me a lot. And now I understand my own question better. :-)