Monday, December 7, 2009

Triptych -- Sandal/Lamp/Tree

I've been playing around recently with a particular kind of poemic (although this word is still relatively new to me) represented by the image above.  The idea here is an elaboration of Scott McCloud's discussion of the "gutter" in Understanding Comics -- that is, his claim that the bulk of the "story" happens in the space between panels, where readers interactively formulate relationships between the images.  I am also interested in an interactive poem with no fixed beginning or ending, so you can start anywhere on this wheel.

I've worked so far with this form as a live performance text; I am interested in transforming these triptychs into both more interesting print formats and potentially more interactive digital formats.  For the latter, I am interested in exploring either animated images (i.e. using GIF or Flash to animate the wheel and make it turn) or mouse sensitive hypertext documents (i.e. moving the mouse over the gutter space either opens a window with the written text or plays an audio recording of the the text).  Honestly, though, either of these approaches pushes the limits of my current computer talents/skills (and so, we grow).

That said, I'm also kind of happy with the current form represented here.  I wonder if this work is a bit wordy for a poemic and skews more to the "blaster" or "short short story" than, say, "concrete poetry."  So I am wondering if other poemic artists are comfortable calling this work a poemic.  Whatever it is, enjoy.


  1. I like very much about the idea that you can start anywhere on the wheel. I like that the poemicstrip is in the shape of wheel - it's surprising.

    Very nice work indeed. I'm happy you join poemicstrips.

  2. A very fine, imaginative piece!

    And it's now that I'm happy to have a laptop because I could turn it upside down. :-)

    Please keep on posting.

  3. it's really great! keep up the good work!

    a printed version on a separate piece of paper would make the reader decide where to begin reading, here (or even printed in a book) we have some kind of a suggestion to begin at the top (from "By itself") :). but anyway, it's not a problem, I could read this piece many times. and I would love to read more of poemic strips of this kind or similar.

  4. I agree, pszren. Any fixed format more or less encourages the reader to start at a conventional "beginning." Not sure if there is anyway around this (except the digital ideas I am still developing).

    I'll put together some of the other triptychs this weekend. This is a pretty busy work week for me, so not a lot of spare time. Grrr.

  5. Oh, and thanks for the kind feedback, everyone. I really appreciate it.

  6. could I use this work in the poemic strip anthology? more info can be found somewhere down the blog, but most important: if you agree, could you send me the work, signed with your name, by email? pszren(at)wp(dot)pl

    I mean if you choose to send me more pieces, it's even better. the deadline is the end of this year.