Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new contributor (s?)

hello everyone, I'm happy to announce that Jim Andrews is among us! Jim, I hope you will stay for a long time and create lots of great poemics!


I would like to ask you all, if you know other people that would be interested in creating poemics and publishing them on this blog. I mean nice people :)

please take a look at this:
Bungy, if you are reading this, would you like to join us?

all the best to all,



  1. Good news!

    Dear Jim,
    I'm looking forward to seeing your work here as well!

  2. Yes this is good news. I'm also looking forward to see Jim's work and that would be wonderful if Bunfy join as too.

  3. Why yes, yes I would enjoy joining you and cotributing to this blog. Thanks for the invite and the shout-out for my blog.

    And thanks to Satu for the note on my blog that mentioned this invitation. It made me go looking for it. (Of course, I probably would have found it anyway as I bookmarked this blog and have every intention of coming back here regularly.)

  4. wow, it's nice to hear from you! and thanks Satu for letting Bungy know about the invitation! I've just sent it.